Question 1 (5 points) — Describe and discuss trends related to the history of so

Question 1 (5 points) —
Describe and discuss trends related to the history of soccer in the USA and in Los Angeles that made it challenging to launch LAFC.
Describe how the Los Angeles Galaxy grew their team.
Describe why the Los Angeles-based Chivas USA soccer team failed.
Describe the reasons soccer continues to grow in the USA.
You might want to discuss why Austin FC has become so popular in a very short time.
Read these hyperlinks,

Major League Soccer Primed for Largest Opportunity in Sports

Question 2 (5 points)—
Describe Identify initial steps LAFC took to create the new team including
Identify 3 or more people LAFC recruited for the leadership team; Describe the expertise of each of people you chose and their role in growing the team.
Describe how LAFC created a fan culture “block by block.”
Read these hyperlinks.
Question 3 (5 points)
Describe why branding so was important to LAFC, including the team colors, logo, & the types of merchandise they offered.
Read these hyperlinks
Question 4 (5 points)
Describe the steps LAFC took to develop & recruit Supporters’ Groups.
Describe why LAFC spent the money to send a few diehard fans & influencers to observe a Germany.
Describe what LAFC learned from the experience of visiting Borussia Dortmund, speaking with the leadership of that club, & observing fans during a home game.
Describe the soccer fandom characteristics of 2 LAFC Supporters’ Groups, “Black Army 1850” and the “3252.”
Describe how LAFC worked with each group to grow soccer fandom in Los Angeles.
Read these hyperlinks,

An Immersive Experience With the 3252 — LA’s Loudest (and Newest) Fan Group

LAFC & Borussia Dortmund work together to share best practices

Question 5 (5 points)
Identify the steps LAFC took to build excitement before the team even played a game.
Describe new traditions the club has developed to create a great atmosphere for fans.
Read these hyperlinks

When Will Ferrell Bought a Soccer Team People Thought He Was Joking
Question 6 (5 points)
Discuss in your own words what you learned by studying this Case, my PowerPoint presentation, and the links I provided in my slides.
Feel free to study not only the case, but also the web links in my slides.
I would like you to focus on what you learned about the following issues.
Who were some of the key people on the leadership of the team? What role did they play in making the team a success? What are some of the types of people you would want to choose to lead your new company?
What did LAFC do to build relationships with fans? How did LAFC encourage supporters to engage with the team? What could you do in a business to persuade potential supporters to become fans of your business?
Why did LAFC spend the money to take fans and supporters to observe a soccer club in Germany? What did they learn by doing this? Would you be willing to spend money to have key people observe a business?
What were some of the key steps that LAFC had to do in advance to prepare to launch the business? What did LAFC to create a superb experience for fans at their events? If you were planning to launch a new brand, how far in advance would you need to begin planning? What are some of the things you would have to do to prepare? How would you create a great fan experience?


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